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Hi, my name is Courtni! I love working with individuals and couples who are ready for change. My process is not to tell you how to change, but to empower you with the insight and tools to achieve the results you want to see. I move at my client’s pace and do my best to create a non judgmental and open therapy space.

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My Story

Sometimes we experience things that get in the way of living our best life, and sometimes our choices, behaviors, and ideas are the things holding us back. Whether you’ve experienced a life-changing event, moods that are confusing or goals you can’t seem to reach, therapy can be the tool that facilitates growth, self-reflection, and real self-awareness. We all deserve to trust our resilience and to step into our full potential. I am honored to support that with sincere curiosity and Mindful witnessing.

I am a culturally competent therapist who works with individuals to tap into their power to create change in their lives using various techniques including Trauma-Informed cognitive to challenge you to be better, discover your inner strengths, and see your real potential. I also help couples accomplish healthy communication habits that help grow trust, connection and commitment using the Gottman relationship methods. All my clients enjoy a nonjudgmental and empathetic space, both in-person and online.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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