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Hello! My name is Cymone (pronounced like Simone) and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have experience with all genders, multi-ethnic/multi-racial populations, interpersonal concerns (relationship issues - family, friends, significant other), and body image concerns. 

I am currently accepting clients. Please use the booking link below to schedule a time that fits your needs. 

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About Me & How I Practice

In my therapeutic practice, I integrate the depths of existential and humanistic therapies with a keen focus on the intricacies of racial issues, identity exploration, and the transformative potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. My approach is underpinned by a commitment to understanding and nurturing the complex web of human connections, guided by attachment-based theory. This perspective enables me to support clients in exploring and healing relational patterns that have been shaped by early attachments and life experiences, fostering healthier and more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

I believe that our journey towards self-discovery and healing is deeply influenced by our cultural and racial backgrounds. I am dedicated to providing a space where the exploration of racial identity and the challenges associated with it can be navigated with empathy and respect. Recognizing the profound impact of these factors on one's sense of self and belonging, my practice is attuned to the nuanced experiences of individuals from diverse racial and cultural contexts.

Further enriching this therapeutic landscape is the incorporation of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, grounded in the principles of transpersonal psychology. This innovative approach offers a unique lens through which we can explore consciousness, transcend traditional notions of self, and tap into profound sources of insight and healing. It is particularly effective in addressing existential questions, deep-seated emotional pain, and facilitating a reconnection with one's true self and purpose.

My specialties encompass:

  • Existential Therapy: Delving into life's core questions with a lens sensitive to the nuances of racial and cultural identity.

  • Humanistic Therapy: Promoting personal growth, self-acceptance, and a rich understanding of one's narrative within a diverse world.

  • Attachment-Based Therapy: Exploring early attachment patterns to heal and enhance current relationships and self-understanding.

  • Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Leveraging the healing potential of psychedelics within a safe, structured therapeutic environment to foster profound psychological and spiritual growth.

  • Transpersonal Psychology: Broadening the therapeutic journey with an exploration of spiritual and transcendent states of consciousness.

In our work together, you will find a compassionate ally dedicated to exploring your unique life story, including the rich tapestry of your racial and cultural heritage. Our journey will be one of collaboration and discovery, aimed at nurturing a deeper, more authentic connection to yourself and others, healing relational wounds, and embracing a life of meaning and connection.

Whether you are navigating the complexities of identity, seeking to heal from past traumas, or aspiring to transcend current limitations, I am here to support you with expertise, empathy, and an open heart.

Currently, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, co-owner of Reconnect Marriage and Family .

Legal name: Cymone N.Damon Sams
Registration title: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Number: 127094

about Fees and Insurance for Individual and Couple/Family Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy: $175

Couple/Family Therapy: $225

I can offer superbills for clients that I am not in-network for and can guide you through this process for partial reimbursement. I do have sliding scale (a reduced rate) for those who need it, but space is limited. 

I am accepting the following insurance: 

  • Aetna

  • United Healthcare


If you wish to utilize your insurance, please use this link to verify insurance as you're scheduling your consultation: Insurance Verification

At the heart of my practice lies a profound respect for the transformative power of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. This cutting-edge approach combines the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances with the supportive framework of psychotherapy to facilitate deep psychological and spiritual growth. My work in this field is guided by the latest research and grounded in the principles of safety, empathy, and ethical care.

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity to explore the innermost depths of your mind, uncover hidden aspects of your psyche, and confront emotional and existential challenges with heightened clarity and insight. This modality is particularly effective for those seeking to transcend traditional therapy boundaries, offering new pathways to healing for issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and the existential distress associated with questions of identity and purpose.

Incorporating elements of existential, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology, our sessions together will provide a safe and nurturing space to explore your experiences. This approach is not just about symptom relief; it's about embarking on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, healing, and a more authentic connection with oneself and the world. Whether you're grappling with racial identity, seeking deeper meaning in life, or looking to heal from past traumas, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy can offer profound insights and catalyze significant life changes.

As we venture into this journey, I am committed to walking alongside you with compassion, respect, and professional guidance, ensuring that your experience is not only transformative but also grounded in a deep sense of safety and trust. Together, we will explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelics as a powerful adjunct to our work, opening doors to new perspectives, healing, and profound personal growth.

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: A Path to Deep Healing and Transformation


  • Doctorate in Couple and Family Therapy, Alliant International University (In progress)

  • Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Pacific Oaks College (2018)

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Prairie View A&M University (2012)


  • MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Education Program (MAPS, 2023)

  • Polaris Insight Center (2024)

  • Fluence (2024)

Training and Qualifications


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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