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Welcome! My name is Dr. Keyon Anderson, and I am African American/Black, Male, Queer Clinician. I help my clients navigate holistic healing across intersections of identities (e.g., BIPOC experiences, Queer identity/development, and internalized trauma), develop healthy coping skills, and build capacity for the desired future self.

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How I Work

Since life is sometimes unpredictable, I work with clients to create a safe environment for troubleshooting solutions, developing healthy coping skills, and building capacity for the desired future self. In addition, my clients are often at a crossroads in where to go or navigate related to personal identity, career endeavors, and family engagement. As a result, I have dedicated my time and effort to individuals pursuing holistic healing while emphasizing intersections sometimes not represented in therapeutic settings (e.g., BIPOC experiences and Queer identity/development).

While my framing for providing therapy is Solution Focus/Client-Centered, I believe that the therapeutic process may take us to many different places requiring alternative intervention. Therefore, through active listening, honest reflection, and supportive strength-based framing, I tailor my therapeutic approach/style to fit my client's specific needs (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma, mindfulness, and cultural awareness).

For years before going to therapy myself, I've operated under the notion, "never let them see you sweat." Thus, I did everything I thought I was supposed to do (e.g., go to school, establish a career and build a family) and eventually made it to the land of "success," only to find that things were not as I was excepting. I'd arrived but had not done the deep work to know myself or who I wanted to be– at that point, my work began. As African American/Black, Male, Queer Clinician, my goal is to help my clients navigate the process of holistic healing.

Currently, I am a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker working at Reconnect. I am being supervised by Cymone Damon Sams, LMFT

Legal name: Dr. Keyon Anderson
Registration title: Associate Clinical Social Worker
Number: 105433

about Fees and Insurance

I am not accepting any insurance at this time. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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