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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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About the Role

Reconnect Marriage and Family Counseling (RMFC) mission is to coordinate continuing education through group supervision for postgraduate/pre-licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapists while providing affordable counseling services to the community in a private practice setting. Currently, we are offering remote sessions to clients and will expand to physical locations in the San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles. RMFC is looking for MFT Associates registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. We are excited for the opportunity to include upcoming, self-directed individuals to share our vision of group collaboration in the therapeutic environment.

RMFC asks MFT Associates to obtain and must maintain a minimum of ten (10) direct service clients each week. RMFC will advertise as a group and direct potential clients to visit our website where each Associate/Therapist will have a profile. Since we are working within the private practice model, we encourage all Associates to be contacted directly by the potential client(s). As client notes are an integral part of supervision, notes are required for each client and to be submitted to administration or supervisor weekly. A paid, weekly two-hour group supervision will also be required. If an additional individual supervision is needed, the associate will be responsible for the cost and it will be at the discretion of the supervisors and administration.

MFT Associates will be employed by RMFC under an agreement of a profit share of client payments received for services rendered. Client payments made to RMFC will be submitted to administration and processed; MFT Associates/Therapists profits will be submitted to a payroll service. RMFC Associates must carry professional liability insurance.

RMFC encourages the autonomy of the therapist and the intrinsic skill set each therapist possesses. We are excited for new and creative means of outreach that may come from our group collaboration, colleague contact, membership in professional organizations, social media and additional individual web presence combined with personalized experience. As such, we encourage any additional community presence each therapist may contribute. Any outreach, while under supervision with RMFC, must be reviewed and approved by administrators.

We look forward to hearing from you and how we can best come together to provide community services and professional support.


  • 1500 BBS hours minimum preferred

  • 1 year post-grad experience preferred

  • Interest in learning about private practice

About the Company

At Reconnect, we strive to provide a space in which people feel seen, heard, and included by providing various treatment options and specialties. To meet the needs of our clients, our clinicians can assist clients with changing or modifying undesired behaviors, improve both mood and relationships, deconstructing childhood trauma, assisting children and parents with their concerns, and much more. Our therapists have had various life experiences that expand outside the bounds of a textbook and have an ability to establish a real, empathetic connection with each client. Allow us to help you reconnect you to the version of yourself you want and desire.

Reconnect Marriage and Family Counseling is a group private practice co-founded by Jarvis and Cymone Sams. The owners of Reconnect identified a key area within mental health and that is the lack of culturally responsive mental health care for underserved and underrepresented populations. Our emphasis is to provide services to these communities that are being stigmatized or have been stigmatized by society.

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