Morris Clardie Jr.


As an African American male clinician, I aspire to help others, change lives and assist with positive healing especially for people of color. I want to be able to help my clients make positive changes and understand that regardless of past trauma, healing is possible.

Part of the healing process requires us to implement healthy coping skills, process and identify feelings, create new healthy habits and change perspectives that have impacted us negatively. I do this by collaborating with clients, forming obtainable goals and coping skills for them to incorporate in their daily living as well as meeting them where they are mentally and assist with providing professional guidance and a sound clinical perspective.

Working in mental health, my background includes experience with trauma and youth. Over the years, I’ve provided individual therapy to adults, young adults, teens and children. I also have experience working with autistic behaviors and individuals with related disorders.

Upon working in session with my clients, I use a solution focus/client centered approach for clients to feel heard and concentrate on the issues and difficulties they struggle with in life. I also incorporate cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic techniques to help create a more unbiased, understanding and positive environment for clients to feel safe and open to process the feelings and thoughts.

Currently, I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working at Reconnect Marriage and Family . I am being supervised by Karen Tinsley, LCSW#19755.

Legal name: Morris N. Clardie Jr.
Registration title: Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Number: 112564


Morris Clardie Jr.