Jordan Le Blanc


Greetings; my name is Jordan Le Blanc, and I am a Black-Male Queer Clinician. I believe in the power and potential of therapy, not just because of my educational and professional experience but because of my own therapeutic journey. Like in many other aspects of life, therapy is a journey/process that can lead to a healthier life and fruitful experiences with proper support. Therefore, as a partner in my clients' therapeutic journeys, I aim to help clients identify their strengths, develop healthy coping skills and grow into healthier or happier versions of themselves. My clients are typically adolescents and young adults who experience depression, anxiety, and difficulty adjusting to the trials of life. Additionally, I work with individuals, couples, and family systems seeking healing trauma.

My approach to therapy is acknowledging the duality of the human experience. The duality of our experiences is that all things (e.g., good, bad, and indifferent) can work together for our greater good. Therefore, I create a safe space with my clients to collaborate in creating change that utilizes their strengths and opportunities for growth. I firmly believe that minor adjustments and consistency have the power to make significant changes. To accomplish client goals, I use therapeutic modalities such as motivational interviewing, a solution-focused lens, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps reframe our thought processes to shift our outcomes.

In life, we can find ourselves off the original course we plotted for ourselves. I've chosen to work with Reconnect Marriage and Family Counseling because it created a space for our clients to meet their unique needs while considering their full context (e.g., culture, identity, and lived experiences). Reconnect also offers a space that encourages me to show up as my authentic self, enabling me to create and maintain a safe space for my clients.

Personal Quote: “With time, patience, support, and compassion, growth is not only possible but also inevitable.”

Currently, I am a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker working at Reconnect. I am being supervised by Karen L. Tinsley, LCSW #19757

Legal Name: Jordan Le Blanc
Registration Title: Associate Clinical Social Worker
Number: 80777


Jordan Le Blanc