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Hi! My focus is on AAPI Mental Health with special topics on ADHD, anxiety/depression, family and relationship challenges, grief and loss, identity issues
, mental health/ministry workers
, shame/guilt, stress, trauma including childhood, intergenerational, sexual abuse, complex, racial, and intimate partner violence.

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My Story

Are there challenges getting in the way of completing necessary tasks, getting along with friends or family, or taking an important next step? Maybe you feel exhausted, unfulfilled, burned out, or confused. You want change, healing, and clarity, but you’ve been prioritizing other things and putting yourself on the back burner. It’s now time to invest in yourself.

There are times in life when we need a little breathing room – to release the pressure and recharge. We all want to be seen and heard without judgment; be known, accepted, and loved. Yet opening up and facing the unspoken can be exhausting, inconvenient, and intimidating. Maybe the only safe place for your worries so far has been deep down within yourself. We all try our best to navigate the highs and lows of life and undoubtedly you’ve already come a long way. Still, maybe something keeps coming up in your mind that’s distracting or you’ve noticed an unhelpful pattern of living you want to break. You desire meaningful change.

Whether you’re returning to therapy or searching for the first time, welcome! I’m so glad you’ve made it here and I commend your desire for healing and growth. In therapy, I will help you process difficult experiences, practice skills, grow in self-compassion/acceptance, identify and nurture strengths, and build a support system. I use evidence-based practices and creative approaches using your interests and strengths to explore your life experiences and meet your goals in a way that feels right to you.

My hope is that you’ll feel seen and heard in this space, heal from painful experiences, develop strengths, find clarity and hope, and feel empowered to advance through the good and bad in life and all the things in between. I’d love to journey alongside you in this process.


Currently, I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working at Reconnect Marriage and Family. I am being supervised by Sarah Jane Garrick, LMFT#112325.


Legal name: Sarah D. Kim

Registration title: Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Number: 121764

about Fees and Insurance

I only accept private pay/self-pay clients at this time. I do not accept insurance at this time.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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