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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a cost-effective way to engage with others in the same setting to discuss a chosen topic, have a dialogue, and gain more insight into your own understanding of yourself as well as others. You'll have the assistance of the therapist to facilitate group conversation. In a typical session, which lasts about 60-120 minutes, members work to express their own challenges and aspirations, feelings, ideas, and reactions as freely and honestly as possible.

Offered Now


Group Description: BIPOC queer individuals don't always have an exclusive space where they can process, heal and grow as it relates to their identities and lived experiences. Dr. Keyon L Anderson is hosting a six-week process and support group for exclusively BIPOC queer men to process their lived experiences while learning from their peers in a collaborative environment.


Topics will include: Self Love, Access/Setting Boundaries, Fostering Healthy Relationships, Communication, and Coming Out/Inviting In.


Meeting Dates/Times: The Group will meet via a secure virtual platform every Wednesday starting October 12th through November 16th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.


Cost per session: $60/ Total Cost for 6 weeks: $360

To Learn more contact Dr. Keyon Anderson


Each group facilitator/therapist determines their fee based on the type of group. Session cost can range from $40-80 per group session. To pay for sessions, we utilize a payment system called stripe which is charged automatically after the session. The payments we take include Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, AMEX, and debit cards. You may also use your FSA cards to pay for sessions, too.

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